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Why Watching Leak Episodes is really really a Bad Thing

For the night is dark and full of torrents

I have to admit, I love to watch T.V series, and better yet, if it is jammed packed full of action, plot twists and turns. Last Sunday, Game of Thrones Season 5 just premiered and to my surprise, news of four leaked episodes have already been out in the wild. And as a good citizen, I downloaded all of them without hesitation. (Who wouldn’t? It is GAME OF THRONES!!!!) Which brings me to a famous quote from one of its characters that goes like this “The night is dark and full of terrors”. We’ll, I guess HBO does have its own problems with regards to keeping their episodes locked-up in a secure place.

Series that you tend to enjoy in your living room couch are great to be enjoyed at home. And they are meant to be watched on a weekly basis. That is why they usually have a shelf life of about 7-8 months per season and some are short that lasts 2-3 months.


For the night is dark and full of torrents

Watching leak episodes that haven’t been aired yet have their own pros and cons. And in my experience, it can be a rough, and your cravings will be put to the test.

The magic of watching series every week happens on the “waiting” part before the next new episode airs. Usually, series have a week to air a new episode and sometimes air two-hour special episodes. I could still remember watching 24 every week, and happen to talk about each episode with my friends and family. We would have these strange theories to what would be the fate of each character. These could end-up in serious discussions and we tend to overanalyze the situation. Sometimes I take it out to discussion boards or official Facebook fan pages to have a healthy discussion with other people who share the same passion of watching that particular series.

The craving of each episode during that magic “waiting” period is what makes a T.V series keeps its viewers entertained and all psyched-up for the week. And watching all four episodes of Game of Thrones in advance is both satisfying and heartbreaking. Satisfying in the sense that I managed to know what happened to the usual cliffhangers in each episode by watching another episode. And heartbreaking to know that I need to wait another month for the next episode to air. So that means, I have three weeks “waiting” time for episode 5 to air.  Series are designed to be waited out and discussed in a week span. And not to be enjoyed in one setting. Unlike with movies, series are more detailed and yet possess that magical connection with you and the characters for many months or years to come.