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Why I Certainly Need a Minecraft For Dummies Book

So while I was ravaging for some books in my favorite bookstore early morning hoping to get a glimpse of some new programming books, and before I knew it I already breezed through the computer section.

Just before I left the store, something caught my eye, and lo and behold, a pile of books all related to Minecraft.

So here’s my take on all the five books. They are all sealed and I wasn’t able to scan for the pages. Yes, they don’t have a display copy for me to peak and scan through. Anyways, the front and cover design will have to do.

Minecraft Books

Minecraft Books Overload

Lets start with the one colored in red , the book is entitled Redstone Handbook and it talks all about Redstone. I have a wild guess it is all about all the Redstone recipes that you can create from hidden passageways to the ultimate mine roller-coaster machine. The green one is all about Minecraft in a newbies point of view. The book is titled Beginners Handbook, and it is probably your best friend if you haven’t played the game yet. The last one, covered in blue, is all about construction. A neat little book if you probably don’t know the combination of how to create solid wooden blocks, glass or some furniture’s. Pretty helpful if you are still living with your mud house for a quite a long time.

The two other  books are Minecraft for Dummies and Minecraft Redstone for Dummies. For those of you who own any “for Dummies” book, then you should probably get the idea that these type of books offer its readers a step-by-step approach on tutorial.

All three books are hardcover editions, while the two Minecraft for Dummies are in  paper back quality. So should I get one?I think these books will be outdated in a couple of months with some new updates. Seriously…