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Why Great Ideas Come at the Bathroom

I have to admit, I love to relaxing and sipping a round of my favorite coffee hot or cold depending on the weather. Usually, I tend to go to coffee shops to get my dose of caffeine, but sometimes coffee shops are too mainstream. They are teeming with all sorts of wildlife from students cramming for their next students, to businessmen talking with their regular business meetings.

Coffee shops are great to unwind and read. I usually do this at least once every week to catch-up with my favorite gaming magazine, checking out the latest trend or just to gather my thoughts. Lately, trips to coffee shops can be time consuming, as finding the right shop that is not too noisy with a comfy chair can be hard to find.

Speaking of thoughts, aside from the old habits of getting ideas at coffee shops, I do get that burst of idea sitting at the bathroom. We’ll great ideas just pop quickly. And the only way to capture those idea is to write them down. It might sound weird, but all of my ideas come from the bathroom when taking a leak or showering.

So I dig up a little bit of research and found out that out body tends to function well when we are relaxed. This is a great way of squeezing out ideas aside from drinking beer.  So why do we have great ideas when we are at the shower? The answer is not that complicated but a bit of science to answer it perfectly. According to the article I read, we are actually undergoing a state of meditation. We are relax and so as our brain. That everything that we see can turn into a spark of inspiration.

It can be summarize into three points according to Leo Widrich.

  • Brain releases a lot of domapine. A “feel good” hormone that triggers when you are exercising, listening to your favorite music or taking a shower.
  • When we are relax, we have state of mind. Were likely able to connect the dots to make fascinating ideas from within.
  • The brain is distracted. Having a distraction is not all that bad, but rather gives our brain from the everyday hustle and bustle in life giving more time on the creativity department.

I have experienced this a couple of times and it is usually associated with getting clever ideas for blog, or an interesting project that I need to do, or a solution to a very hard yet simple programming problem. –And it all starts in the bathroom.