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Why Batman: Arkham Knight Needs to Learn More on porting games to PC

Everyone waited for Batman: Arkham Knight’s impending release date, but sad to say it left numerous fans disappointed.

I was surprised that Rocksteady Studios followed the footsteps of Ubisoft by releasing a poorly optimized game for the PC. It seems that faulty PC ports seems to be the trend here with notable examples like choppy gameplay with Ubisoft’s Assassins Creed: Unity, framerate drops in Far Cry 4 and now we have Rocksteady Studios’ Batman: Arkham Knight. Oh and I almost forgot to mention Watch Dogs.

The news is a dissapointment. It makes PC gaming look bad and it shreds an awesome game with a bad PC port. With just minutes before the launch of the game, hundreds of users have expressed their disappointments with major technical and performance issues for the PC version.  With others saying that even with a high-end gear, they still experience stuttering, framerate lock issues, and stutters along the way.

Batman: Arkham Knight did a wonderful job in bringing joy to fans on the console version of the game with many critics praising for its gameplay and graphics.  My question is, how come Rocksteady make such a risky move to port an unpolished game to PC? Do they really need that unwanted attention of hate mail?

I think developers are bit biased when it comes to releasing their game to a specific platform. And in my observation they tend to “optimize” games for console version and making a rush port to the PC version ignoring technical glitches and bugs just to name a few. It’s like selling a cheap knock-off product with users.


Yes Trevor, they need to learn a lot from GTA V

Why can’t they imitate Rockstar? Grand Theft Auto V for the PC was a gem in its own way. Even though the delay pissed of a lot of gamers, it certainly came out even better than its console version.  The wait was worth it, and if every game can perhaps learn from other developers mistake then they have to start somewhere to get things right.

Although, I totally hate delayed releases, but if they are using that extra time to get things right, well they can have all the time they need to make it right. Yes sure, that agonizing wait time is a pure pain, whilst you watch your console counterparts already having the thrill and excitement, but if it is for the better then I can just have fun with RPG games to grind.