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Why Attack on Titan is a Giant Mechanized Robot

Japanese always have a knack when it comes to robots, and no wonder Attack on Titan has this uncanny similarity.

Let’s first define what is a robot. Basically they are made out of shiny pieces of metal honker big guns, swords, or canons. They are usually piloted on-board or if you think about the Matrix then you pretty much have an idea of what artificial intelligence going rogue.

Attack on the Titan follows the same formula. Sure you don’t see steam punk mechs or tanks on the series but we do have flesh eating titans. What bridges the gap between robots and titans is the fact they are exactly the same.

How come?

minor spoiler

If you happen to be a cult follower of the series or manga you might have happen to see some of them transform into a titan. In the last episode I watched I could see Erren and Reiner battling it out transforming themselves into behemoths. And battling it out like there’s no tomorrow. The fact that they can transform into this gigantic creatures possessing special abilities is as the same as a mechanized robot having distinct weapons or gears.

Reiner is the armored titan who is slow, covered in thick armor, and uses his brute strength to destroy towns and villages. While Erren on the other hand has a medium build, agile and does Tai-chi.

You’ve heard me right.

Each shifter, can control their own abilities. Wreak havoc and do as much damage depending on the abilities or traits they have. Robots follow the same principle, but instead they are built on what they are supposed to excel. Think of it like Gundam, Zoids you name it. They are unique on its own way and usually piloted.

Seems like the robot trend never fades away. Instead of having the usual explosions and metal debris flying over the battlefield , we got treated to blood, flesh and gore in the form of ravaging Titans of doom.


Pictures courtesy of iTechPost