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Weird Thoughts That Strike Me When I Drive

Every time I take the wheel some weird stuff happens to my brain. And I always talk to myself that this is not Grand Theft Auto, this is not Grand Theft auto and certainly this is not GTA V.

And so as to my bike. This is not GTA V, this is not Mafia, and certainly this is not Grand Turismo!


First Person View

Those little bastards in my head. They always activate when I am behind the wheel or my handle bar. And so I am reminded that this is not a racing game and I should go find looking for ramps for some crazy stunt jump that I needed to go on with.


First Person drive

Which reminds me back in the days when I was still in High School. When I hard my dad speaking to my aunt about violence in video games and that I might do a drive-by when I have my own car. I which brings me back to the present state that they are entirely wrong about it and video games do not spark violence. But rather it is you the gamer that has to create a sort of control with your inner-self.

So the only thing I have left to do is to act like normal without getting my head screwed or something that whispers to my ear and go look for a ramp to jump. But then again reality slowly sinks in.

Sometimes driving gives you this fulfillment of going on the road. The wind that slowly creeps in the crevices of your helmet, the cold chilly wind that smacks your face and the essence fresh breathing air that you can inhale. Plus popping in the tunes of your favorite video game music as it sets the mood and the aura.