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There are three kinds of game developers in the world, Bethesda, Ubisoft and EA

In the gaming world there are three types of developers that you would normally see, one that cares about consumers and one that isn’t. With the current next generation games lighting up both consoles and PC, it seems that the amount of games they are releasing every now and then leaves consumers the victims of their products.

Some games are bearable but others, they just don’t stacked-up the hype when they were first announced. For some, they are just hastily ports being made so that publishers can generate more sales. And for others, they have DLC’s and micro transactions to deal with.

Let’s take an example, we have her Ubisoft with its Assassins Creed franchise. Without a doubt, their franchise was selling like hotcakes until Unity came along together with all of its imperfections. Did I fail to mention Watch Dogs? Ubisoft’s take revolves around false pretense with flashy graphics on E3 that end-up miserably at home.

The other is Electronic Arts, with famous games like Battlefield, Titanfall and its crashing Sim City game that publishes half-baked games that ultimately redeems itself by releasing bite-size DLC to make the game “complete” but costing an arm and leg for the consumer.  They tend to hide on DLC’s and so called “micro” transactions in-game that spoils a lot of fun for most who can’t afford to have a bundle-packed delivered.

And last but not the least, we have Bethesda type of publishers, who but nothing only care about their games and their loyal fans. They come along the least expected with their awesome new titles that are neatly as polished as ever, offering great perks like FREE DLC’s and surprisingly great ports of their games to PC version.

Although there are lot of developers that I really want to include in the list, but I guess I’ll leave it up to you to round ‘em up together.