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Immersing Myself in the World of Far Cry 4

When the graphics are sooo good that I actually fell in love with it

Far Cry 4 is by far one of the best eye candy games of 2014. And I have to admit, just by playing it for a couple of hours, I instantly fell in love with the game. My love affair for Far Cry started on the African plains and during those hours of in-game cut scenes I was infatuated by the cool looking visuals and appeal of the game.

Fast forward 2014, and I found myself in Kyrat a fictional Himalayan country that pretty much resembles present day Nepal. Kyrat is ruled by a self-appointed king called Pagan Min and rules the country with an iron fist. Talk about a modern day Hitler.


Sucks to be this guy, thankfully I get to sky dive from atop of Mt. Everest

Enough of the antagonist and let’s get down to the visuals. What makes this game really awesome are the graphics. Yes, I know some of you have experience the sudden stutter and FPS drops (Thank you Ubisoft for publishing it with bugs), but nevertheless they did a brilliant display of next generation technology.

I usually do my gaming routine almost every day during at night where I can slowly immense myself in a virtual world. Other than that the cold breeze of the chilly January wind makes me feel that I am part of the game when I am adventuring through the Himalayas in Far Cry 4’s many realistic locations.

I mean, will you look at those visuals, everything is in detail. It is close to the real thing.


Majestic daylight as the sun pierces through the mountain

In fact, when I say realistic, it is not just the scenic views of the land but rather the environment. Spending for at least 7 hours traversing though the land, I have encountered several wild beast that includes being mobbed by a Dhole (looks like a fox but it ain’t one), stalked by a Clouded Leopard, rammed by an Indian Rhino, and mauled by a Ghost Bear. And yes, don’t forget those freaking Black Eagles (damn those Eagles and their ultra-sharp talons of despair).  The AI is pretty intelligent with Black Eagles hunting their prey, Dhole’s attacking in packs and not to mention Rhino’s charging like a raging bull if you manage to provoke them in anyway.

Sometimes I just stop what I’m doing in-game and enjoy the visuals that Far Cry has to offer. I mean will you look at that stunning view.


Reminds me of Tobleron, or should I call it Tobleron mountain instead.

By the way, I’m playing the game at Ultra high settings on a 1080p monitor for those who are curious. But yet I still get some technical glitches. One thing I do notice about is the freaking trees and how sometimes they render badly. It possibly might be Far Cry 4 is not truly optimized for the PC. Well that’s just my two cents. They do have some strange shadows and I have to admit that “NVIDIA GODRAYS” sucks and volumetric fog is better.


The path to the Himalayas where this Sherp guy stands to assist you on your journey

Far Cry manages to strike an accord by optimizing new technology when it comes to rendering beautiful rich environments teeming with all sorts of life form. The immersion inside the game itself is surreal and I have found myself trapped in the virtual world in amazement.