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The Uncanny Similarities Between Wolfenstein and The Man in the High Castle

So here’s another TV series that I just recently discovered and to my surprise it is one of those unique series that has a unique plot and twist. The series is based on a book by Philip K. Dick and features an alternate history set in 1962, in which the Nazis won World War II (1939 – 1947).  The place is set between  the victorious Axis Powers, prominently the Imperial Japanese and Nazi Germany as the emerging superpower on that era.

The United States is divided between the victors Japan and Germany. With the western seaboard occupied by the Japanese and known as the Pacific States of America. On the opposite side, Germany ruled the eastern block and is called as the Great Nazi Reich.

As soon as I saw the American-Nazi flag and swastika images plastered all over New York, sparks flew and I just can’t resist to make a connection with the Wolfenstein series.

Having played Wolfenstein: The New Order and beat the crap of Dr. Wilhelm Strasse, I can safely assume that The Man in the High Castle is as close as the two can get when it comes to visualizing how the United States would look when we are ruled by the Axis Powers.

Here are some few similarities that I found surprisingly accurate in which Wolfenstein and The Man in the High Castle has got it right.


Metropolis Germany, a vision made possible with Albert Speer in Wolfenstein: The New Order

A depiction of Germany with the Volkshalle as the prominent building in the background.


The White House occupied in Wolfenstein: The New Order

The United States was bombed, making Germany the victors and holding their seat of power in the White House.


A German soldier kissing, with a backdrop of the Eiffel Tower signalling the end of World War II

An alternate scene, where a German soldier is kissing a nurse signalling the end of World War II. Which reminds me of this picture.


V-J Day in Times Square, a photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt, was published in Life in 1945.


New York City as seen in The Man in The High Castle (1962)

New York City’s Times Square with flashes of fascism and swastikas hanging all over the city.


The American – Nazi Flag from a movie theater from The Man in the High Castle

The disturbingly American Flag with a Nazi symbol instead of stars in the flag.

Although, Wolfenstein: The New Order has injected some “fantasy” elements on the game itself with huge bulking robots, crazy experiments, and tapping into paranormal activities, but the essence of Germany ruling the world is greatly present in the video game. A world where it is much different than what we are living today.

The Man In the High Castle is one of those TV series that you just couldn’t miss. Not only it gives you a glimpse of how the world would be if the Axis won but something far beyond what history books can give you. I definitely recommend it, if you love exploring some alternate history in your genes, or looking for something interesting.