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The Samurai, Japan’s Iconic Feudal Warrior

The next series 13 Minifigure that I have under the hood is the Samurai.  I was shocked at first, thinking that there weren’t many women Samurai in feudal Japan. Or did I just lack some knowledge on Japanese history. But a couple Google search, and I manage to find out they do really exist called as the onna-bugeisha that are a type of female warrior belonging to the upper class.


Don’t mind the tissue paper


We’ll that is some sort of history but anyways, lets head over to the Minifigure. The Samurai contains eight pieces that includes the Minifigure stand. She is quite tricky to find in the bag but you can easily detect by finding her two katana swords. Sometimes you might be fooled that her swords might be the Classic King or the armor of the Galaxy Patrol.


The Samurai has a neat set of traditional Japanese armor and is detailed enough with iron plates that give you the impression that it is protruding. Removing the armor reveals a detailed torso. If you happen to have a Kai Minifigure from Ninjago, I think you already get the picture.

samurai-kimonoThe leg armor has the same distinct features on her torso. However, if you are thinking of getting the standard issued Feudal Japan Helmet then this might burst your bubble. Since the Samurai features no helmet but a Japanese hair neatly tied-up. And how could I forget her mean facial expression.


If you happen to love building a whole Samurai Army, then this is a great addition to your set piece. However, the Samurai is a popular character in the series and you might find it hard finding her. Just find her two Katanas and I’m pretty sure she will be in your collection.