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The Many Reasons Keifer Sutherland Perfectly Fit as the Big Boss

So I finally got a dose of Hideo Kojima’s latest addition to the Metal Gear series with Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. I will not talk about anything about the game just yet, as far as I am concern, the first 10 minutes of in-game cut scenes was a blast. No wonder, Kojima is regarded as the mother of all cut-scenes. And yes, how could I forget Keifer Sutherland’s voice as Snake with the intro of him climbing up a steep hill with his night vision goggles, pauses and removes it and saying the line “Kept you waiting huh?”

Kojima trolling with his long cut-scenes

Kojima trolling with his long cut-scenes

Really, c’mon who doesn’t love Kiefer Sutherland? Sorry David Hayter fans, but as the “Big Boss” gets older, he does need a more suitable voice. And none other than Keifer can deliver it faithfully. First of all, David Hayter has voiced Snake it the past couple of years, and seriously though Kojima’s decision of changing Snake’s voice is the best move for him.

The announcement of David Hayter being booted out of the next Metal Gear Solid games, was announced way back in 2013, and even myself couldn’t imagine a game without him. But upon hearing that Keifer will replace him, I pretty much was astounded by the fact that he was a suitable replacement without me thinking of it twice (ever again). I was so pumped of the announcement that  waiting for the next Metal Gear Solid starring him would take an eternity.


Who could hate this guy?

I mean, he has starred with 9 Seasons of 24 being able to portray as a CTU agent that involves him helping prevent major terrorist attacks with him compromising his loved ones just to get the job done. And I almost forgot, his frequent use of torture to get the job done.  In fact, we could see some Jack Bauer’s line being injected on the game with him saying “don’t fight it” every time you choke a guard to sleep.


Keifer pretty much resembles Big Boss

Big Boss is already 49 year old, and Keifer is at 48 (Present day 2015) with David Hayter close by at the age of 45.  If you think of it, the numbers are close, but then again Kojima’s reason of picking Keifer as a replacement was to give the Big Boss a more edgy tone or perhaps something different.

I can rack-up a hundred reasons why Keifer is the best suitable replacement but the reason I stated above is pretty much sums up everything to what I believe in his capability.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes with Keifer Sutherland replacing David Hayter as Snake’s voice is the best thing that could ever happen in the Metal Gear Solid series. Although, none of you won’t agree with me, but perhaps if you just give Kojima’s decision we could all be happy for once. I mean, he is after all the creator of Metal Gear and he definitely knows what strings to pull and what not.

The only thing I noticed about is the screen time of Keifer’s dialogue on Ground Zeroes. He could have said more lines like we used to have in Snake Eater’s radio conversation. We’ll, I have to wait until the Phantom Pain’s release till I get hear of his voice acting and if he did manage to please the fans filling the 49 year old Big Boss.