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Summer Sale is Here; And Why I Love Them

The time has finally come once again, as summer rolls out and mega sales are abundant almost everywhere.

If you happen to be longing to buy that elusive game but couldn’t afford the regular price tag, we’ll you’re in luck, as most online game stores are now slashing their prices up to 70%. I already got a copy of Starcraft 2 Battle Chest and other Steam games for a quarter of a price.

Summer sales are great and it is close as a Black Friday sale.

I happen to read a lot of jokes in forums that most of the time Steam sales are so downright cheap, that gamers tend to buy more and in the end, got a stock full of games without them ever playing them. A digital collection left to waste. Anyways, here are my top picks where you can find great deals. Time to stock-up those games and free some hard-drive spaces.


Starcraft are selling like pancakes with prices halved and Starcraft II: Battlechest. a great way to prepare for Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void. Don’t miss out this deal.

EA Origin 
Premium titles are on sale at 50%, with some small titles under $6 or less. Grab the Crysis Trilogy to complete your collection. Battlefield 4 is also a good choice to pick.

Steam Sale
Tons of premium titles up for grabs with other premium titles pegged at a quarter of a cost from the original price. You can also buy sets of games or bundles. Watch out for their daily deals, as prices quickly change everyday. A nice way of getting tons of games to be played with or a collection for your digital library.


Another thing to take note, patience is a virtue. wait for the best deals to strike at the right moment. If you have a Steam account add a game in the wishlist and you’ll be notified if the game has been discounted.