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Stranded Deep is definitely Minecraft with Cool Graphics

Stranded Deep lets you be Tom Hanks in Castaway

If there’s one game that really gets my attention is perhaps their unique style of gameplay and graphics. And perhaps, that is why Stranded Deep caught my curiosity in me. Stranded Deep is still in its alpha stage or to what we call as “early access stage” where in developers release their game for the public to test for bugs and flaws so they can fix it before the actual game would be released.


Anyways, Stranded Deep is promising as it features a Minecraft type of survival game wherein you are put in the shoes of an outcast whose plane crashed right in the heart of the Pacific. Yes, you are going to play as Tom Hanks just like in the movie Castaway. Kidding aside, Stranded Deep is pretty much a mash-up of Castaway and Minecraft as you need to survive in an isolated island.


You have to craft items, hunt for food, build a shelter and just survive on the island. I do not know if there is a storyline in which you will be rescued but from what I’ve heard it will be a sandbox type of game with no ending.

Think of it, as Minecraft only with cool looking graphics.


As of writing, Stranded Deep is available on Steam for $14.99. It is still an early access though, and not yet the full game.

I’m still waiting for the full version though 🙂