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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

Star Wars The Force Awakens stilln remains true to the original tale of Like Skywalker discovering the power of the Force. This time around the Force Awakens dramatically changed the entire franchise offering a fresh new tale of an orphan in Jakku scavenging parts for a living. 

The plot retains the old formula of the original Starwars with The Force Awakens starting off 30 years after the events of The Return of the Jedi. The story begins with Luke’s disappearance and the once mighty Galactic Empire being crushed and defeated has found itself a new name called as the First Order.

Spoilers up ahead!

With the disappearance of Luke and the emergence of the New Order the story shifts through to a new heroine in the likes of Rey.  The Force Awakens moves through a new perspective as we see through the eyes of a Stormtrooper known as FN 2187 who is sent with the rest of his division to capture the rebel pilot Poe who has the piece of the map pointing to Luke Skywalker.

Unfortunately the pilot x was captured and the Stormtroopers were ordered to kill all the remaining prisoners. The Stormtrooper eventually experienced his first bloodbath in the war and defied orders of killing civilians. Knowing what monstrosity the first order could do to civilians he decided to defected to the side of the rebels and help pilot x plot their escape.
He befriended the pilot and was later on named as Finn.

The defection of the Stormtrooper to the rebel side is a good sidebeat of the trilogy. As we can never take a good hand look on how these Troopers are actually doing in the other side. Unfortunately they were shot and crashed back to Jakku where there Finn and the pilot Cole were separated in which Finn believes that Cole is already dead. Finn meets with Rey and convinces her that she is a rebel. They escaped to an old Millenium Falcon evading their pursuers which eventually got sucked with a huge garbage truck spaceship reuniting with its old owners Han Solo and Chewbacca.

I quite surprised on how they manage to make the old plot fresh. The ongoing war between the rebels and the Empire is still ongoing. Theres a new superweapon powerful enough to wipe out an entire planet and thrice as large as the original Deathstar that they needed to destroy. Luke replaces Yoda as the leader of the Jedi and goes into hiding after a failed Jedi training with his apprentice. The whole movie itself is a reboot of the old Star Wars using the same formula. And it worked brilliantly!

The fresh cast of characters with a point of view of the rebel side with Finn is a great new twist of the story, with him defecting after seeing the horrors of The New Order. Which reminds me that Stormtroopers aren’t mindless after all and they are indeed just like ordinary human beings.

I was amazed with the new Deathstar, with the Force Order carving out an icy forested planet and converted it into a horrifying military base with a huge cannon sticking out at the center of the planet. However, like all Deathstars out there, there will always be a weak part and that is the planet’s thermal oscillator – that, if destroyed could spell the destruction of the base. Which reminds me, why can’t the Empire fix this flaw? Haven’t they learned of the previous Deathstar they have created? Come on they have get their engineers right.

Another thing I really like most of the movie is how the characters from the previous films were connected by “accident”. Like Finn defecting from the First Order and helping Poe out. In which he crash landed and met with Rey and that ended up with the duo stumbling with Hans Solo and Chewbacca. The story intertwines naturally and is presented gloriously with gun battles with a dash of humor. And how could I forget the new villain? Kylo Ren the masked robe Jedi with a “claymore” light saber. Still at his infancy idolizes Darth Vader, and yet acts like a spoiled brat.

The new characters are a great addition to the Star Wars universe and their diversity has created a synergy between them that makes you want to learn more about their backstory. In terms of special effects, the space battles are astounding with the cinematography nailing every scene. You can actually feel the look of each scene as if you were actually there. The Super Star Destroyer actually feels rather huge, and dog fights between the X-Wing fighters are awesome.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens truly lived up to its hype that remains true to the original trilogy. The fresh new cast of characters, bundled with the veterans still got that spark going. There are so many questions that still linger on my mind and that I still wanted to ask more on what happened to those characters in those 30 years. The film managed to answer a few, but there are still gaps that needed to be filled out. For fans who have a strong foundation of the Star Wars universe, definitely the Force Awakens is a fresh new start of the franchise with new and old characters that you will surely love.