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Say Hello to the Series 13 Minifigures and Disney Lego Rebel Sets

Finally got my hands on a fresh pack of Lego Series 13 Minifigure as well as the much awaited Disney Star Wars Rebel set 75078 Imperial Troop Transport.

The first one is the Lego Series Minifigure. I’m starting to collect these sets and build my collection. Anyways, the new series 13 sets came last week and by the time I came back two days later, only 10 pieces were available.


These packs are hard to come by, as these sets are usually been hoarded once they land on store shelves.

Judging from the pack I got, and feeling it with my bare hands, it seems that I have gotten a circular thing, I’m guessing it must be the turban of the cobra or the Afro hair of the disco guy.

The next one is the Imperial Troop Transport from the all new Disney Star Wars Rebel sets. The thing I love about this set is that it contains four Stormtroopers which are hard to come by in previous sets. Although they are not from Star Wars: Episode IV – VI, it is a great addition to any Star Wars minifigure collector. Since most Stormtroopers come from other larger sets, or if you happen to have purchase the early battle packs.

Lego Imperial Troop Transport


I’ll unwrap my Series 13, and give a review on the Minifig I got and how the Imperial Troop Transport fared well to my expectations on the next post.