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Say Goodbye to old boring Playlist – Hello Epic In-Game OST

I usually have a music playlist but sometimes I just have to try something new. I think it’s not that common to have a music playlist that is solely entitled to games but heck I am bored with my old dose of music and decided to start something new. Why not a playlist having all the awesome tracks that you have heard from a video game? Doesn’t sound bad to me. Pun intended.

So the first thing that came to my head was going with GTA V’s playlist. Who could go wrong from a GTA V playlist right?

Well you just can’t be too wrong choosing GTA V. I mean the music was way too awesome. My favorite is LIPs 106 from GTA III and Non-Stop FM from GTA V.

Then I added some epic tunes from The Witcher 3, and the combination was just too great to pass out.


The most notable music that I included was “Drink Up, There’s More Extended”, “Narrative”, “Commanding the Fury” and “Another Round of Gwent”. I listen to them especially when driving, and I sometimes think my motorbike is Roach –riding on the road thinking I was in the outskirts of Novigrad.

Usually on a very boring afternoon day, I recline myself to my Game OST playlist. Work hours will forever be about work. But sometimes a handy playlist might just do the life hack to get my spirit started in revving up for a long day’s work.

I mean if I can’t play my favorite game in the office, then I can take some piece of music from it right? It just brings memories and I can say it was nostalgic. Oh, the least I forget I am planning on adding epic boss fight music to seriously uplift my mood.