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Of Awesomeness and Randomness

I have been playing a lot of Hearthstone lately and so far I love how the Tempo Mage is faring out in Standard. So to make it interesting I have added a Yogg-Saron in place. Or shall I say the Yolo-Rambo-Allaleuija card.

After a month playing with the Tempo Mage so far I can say it is pretty solid and can hit rank 12 in a day.

But I won’t talk about strategies but rather dwell on the Yogg-Saron. It has been a great card and I have been in tough situations where I managed to loose tempo or in late games where Trump Druids reign supreme. Pop-in Yogg-Saron and wham! Let the fireworks set its course; as I await eagerly to whether or not I am going down in epic vain.

Well I really don’t like the idea of rngesus but the fact how Yogg can pretty much mess someone’s game has place me in the position that this card is the mother of all randomness and awesomeness.


Save the best cards last

I usually go to Yolo mode when I only have Yogg in my hand; I am down to low health or the opponent has complete board control. And if I am lucky enough, I get to have a complete creature wipe off the field with a mass removal spell like Flamestrike being casted; getting buffed minions or healed by Priest spells. Almost 70% of the time I get to harness Yogg’s power and eventually win the game. Provided he doesn’t screw up with a Pyroblast to my face. (Which he already did 2 times and counting)


And sometimes Yogg-Saron doesn’t have the chance to be casted

If I only have a last card with my opponent controlling the field with a zoo or trump deck, I’d rather have Yogg over than Ragnaros.

Which brings me to the fact in life. Tough calls are hard to make and there are just those moments where you just have to risk it all. Sometimes in tough situations all you can do is to have some Yogg in your life. Your Yogg may be something different. But definitely it is worth giving a shot. For good or for worse at least you did something big in your life.

I couldn’t imagine myself getting in those tight spots weaving my way to tricky situations.