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Mr. Robot Nails It on Why Becoming a Hacker is Awesome

There’s a new TV show that I just couldn’t get my hands on and it involves around computer hacking. The show is called Mr. Robot and centers on a guy named Elliot who is a sociopath and the only way he can effectively “communicate” well with his peers and acquaintances is through hacking them.

Mr. Robot is center around in New York with Elliot who doesn’t like big businesses. He currently works as a cybersecurity at AllSafe where he is tasked to protect a client named E Corp, which is also known as “Evil Corp”.

As the story progresses, Elliot met with a rouge hacker vigilante group known as FSociety with their leader known as “Mr. Robot”. This group hides behind a mask whenever they want their voices to be heard. Which reminds me to the real life Anonymous group. Having earned the groups trust, Elliot eventually helps them hack E Corp and framing their Chief Technology Officer and throwing him locked-up in jail.


What I really love about the series is how the producers managed to get the hacking details done right. I always see hacking as a sort of pointlessly easy when done in Hollywood. We often see heroes doing hacks with just a click of a button. How realistic is that?

Although computer experts greatly disagree how movies actually do exploits on the big screen, Mr. Robot on the other hand manages to show us how it is exactly done – literally.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact it uses real life examples when they do some hacks. For instance, in order to hack through a police station, Elliot tried to sniff-out all the access points by simply letting his phone sit there. In another scene, he used to force a Bluetooth pair connection to a patrol car’s electronics giving him backdoor access.

Mr. Robot is a fresh addition to the ever growing list of T.V series that I certainly recommend you watching it. Most especially if you have a bold taste when it comes to computers.