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Monument Valley Review – a Magnificent Work of Art Brought To Life

Monument Valley is just one of those cool looking games that you just can’t get your eyes off. The visuals are stunning and you just can’t stop admiring the scenery. And together with the free expansion available, you can now continue Monument Valley’s spectacular gameplay.

It’s a breathtaking experience filled with great ideas that makes a unique twist when it comes to strategy games.

Perfect Timing

The game lets you play as Princess Ida as you navigate through a labyrinth of mazes with different perspectives that comes in various shapes and sizes. In order to accomplish through the different parts each level you have to think outside the box. Thinking creatively on every puzzle is the key in order to finish each level.

Princess Ida’s movements are controlled by a simple tap on the location that you would want her to travel. A single tap will work and it will send a black dot that tells you where she would stop.


Scattered all around the levels are different set pieces that will help her reach inaccessible areas. Certain platforms can be moved that will enable her to move from one location to the other. There are also handles that are strategically placed that needs to be manipulated. Sometimes, these handles actually change the scenery twisting it to a different perspective. Certain puzzles also requires you to have a good sense of timing, in which you have to perfectly maneuver Ida to stand on a switch and at the same time twist a handle to open a new passage that she needs to traverse after.

Don’t let your eyes deceive you, Monument Valley’s beautiful background changes the way you think and breaks the rules of physics. You’ll be surprised by the amount of different things that could happen when you move from one place to another.

Strategy is the key

Monument Valley is not limited just to moving around and navigating through each level but rather has this interactive feeling that you are actually part of the game.  Just by sliding a platform to the other end already makes you in control of that tiny digital world where Princess Ida is currently present in. As you swipe each door, hidden surprises await that changes the world around.


The artwork is surreal and I just can’t stop thinking about how the developers are making art into a strategy game.

All I can say Monument Valley is not just a game but rather a real-life artwork that has come to life. Only a handful of games can make such a feat, and definitely Monument Valley is a worthy keeper if you love strategy games. And to celebrate, the developers are throwing away a free expansion called Ida’s Dream that you can play if you have the original version.