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Life is a game of Hearthstone So Play Your Cards Right

Life is a game of hearthstone. Life is full of surprises. And Just like a game of Hearthstone you draw cards from your deck and you never know what the first five cards have in store for you but rather you only get an idea to the type of deck you have in your library.

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Playing your cards right at the precise moment in the battlefield makes the perfect real world scenario. You have to play your cards right in order to take control of the situation that you are currently facing right now.

The hero you choose at the start of a battle represents you. Whether you are Paladin, Mage or a warmonger Warrior it represents you and the cards associated with the hero are the skills, plans and ambitions you have in your life. I’m sure the best and good cards are the only ones being placed in your deck. Otherwise you’ll be a sitting duck full of goblins and bandits.

You might be saying that you need all the finest cards out there full of legandaries and epic cards in order to win a game. But in fact a good old starter deck with a mix of rares and uncommons can certainly defeat a deck full of golds. All it takes is the right strategy.

When I face life sometimes it hits hard. Sometimes you take a huge punch in the face and the next time you know it you see yourself kissing the pavement. But if you play it right you’ll always get away with it. Or turn a bad situation into an opportunity.

Hearthstone gameplay mechanics changes rather drastically. The first thing you know it you are owning the field with a zoo deck filled with 2/2 creatures. The next time you know it, a Mage unleash a Flamestrike spell killing all of your creatures in one fell swoop.

The deck you have represents yourself and the skills you have acquired through the years. The opponent is life and it is always there to suck you down like Maelstrom. Giving you different types of challenges and along the way you tweak your deck to overcome life and the uncertainties that rolls you with a huge bolder that comes crashing down on your face.

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Playing your cards right is a cliché both in the playing ground and in real life. Sometimes you play the wrong cards at the wrong time and end-up losing that turn. However, you can always bounce back at the end. Timing is the key and sometimes it requires keeping your best cards at the end. For example, I have two Scarlet Crusader. I can easily drop them on the battlefield. But in any case, I could wait for my Sunfury Protector and drop her in the middle to give those Crusaders Taunt and divine shield.  Either way, you could always go offensively and play agro.

Same goes in real life. There are moments that you need to time everything. Decisions play a key role. And you just can’t rush things that requires time and timing. For instance, a change in career requires time to thoroughly think all of the pros and cons that might possibly happen. While a new job opportunity requires the right timing to either accept that phone call or submit your resume for an immediate interview.

Same as true with Hearthstone. Sometimes you just might want to reserve that Fireball on larger foes. Or make it easier with a Polymorph spell to turn those pesky legendaries to a sheep.

So the next time you make a move, always be decisive and time it right. Play your cards straight and always have a backup plan. Tweak your deck as it should be and in no time you could always have that golden legendary skill in your arsenal