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Lego Series 13 Set Complete! (Ninja Touching Skills)

Ninja Touching Skills unlocked!!

So I just got a bundle full of Series 13 Minifigures over the weekend for a relatively affordable price. I had to go through over 120+ packs just to get the specific figures I really wanted to add to my collection. And guess what? I manage to rummage through each pack feeling every brick by brick whilst talking to the owner. He was super friendly enough to let me sift through each pack since they weren’t been numbered like those found on retail stores.

Almost got them correctly

The owner told me that he got the Minifigures on sale that it contains two boxes with each box containing 60 packs with 120 packs in total.  So if you do the Math, there is a huge chance that there are roughly 6 pcs. each of the rare minifigs(Hotdog Guy,  Disco Girl , Female Samurai, Female Cyclopes,  Fencer, Paleontologist and Unicorn Girl).With 8 pcs. each of uncommon (King, Sheriff, Snake Charmer, Alien, Egyptian Warrior, and Evil Wizard) and about 10 pcs. each of common minifigures *(Goblin,  Construction Guy and Space Trooper).

Well, the experience was fun, and each Minifigure has their own unique brick that can easily be identified. My touching skills was tested, and I am happy to say that I manage to get 11/12 Minifigures right. I mistakenly assume that the Samurai was the Fencer. Anyways, I went back for that elusive Fencer, and it took me one hour just to look for the Fencer in 100+ bags. Talk about finding a needle in the haystack. You might tell me to look for the bump codes, well I am just skeptic about it and besides I can’t see the circles quite clearly and feeling each pack was the way to go.

My fingers were a little numb after searching through those bags. But in the end, it was a fun experience to test my touching skills. Aside from that, the owner also has their own store that sells customize acrylic glass. That can be transformed into cabinets, trophies, plaques, frames. Tarantula or toy storage’s, display cases and much more. Since I was looking for a shop that makes custom made frames, we’ll I think I have found what I am looking for.

I’m pretty much excited for custom case considering my glass cabinet is already full with other precious Lego’s. I’ll keep you updated once it is already finished.