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Lego Monument Valley

Stumble upon a really good article last morning and surely they are making Lego set with a Monument Valley theme.

I have played Monument Valley countless times and definitely it is one of those few puzzle games that features a fantastic art-style. And knowing that there is a Lego Ideas project being submitted I went ballistic and thought to myself I have to get this set.

There are a few things that came into my mind when I learned about the set. First of all, how on earth are the designers going to craft the illusion of the puzzle? Monument Valley defies all aspects within the laws of physics and geometry.

Then I saw this….


Stickers! Yep, stickers you heard it right. To make that illusion possible stickers are the key. Which leads me to think ,that some levels of the game is quite possible to recreate. Currently, there are planned 4 levels with minimalist art still incorporated in the actual Lego. Not to mention, the set itself is modular and you can interact with it. It also comes with small micro figures namely Ida, Totem, and the Crow. The other thing that comes to my mind, is that it is the same as the Lego Micro Worlds set that was released a couple years back. Sleek, compact and has this minimalist feel with the color and bricks used.

I mean from the look of the concept art, it is absolutely gorgeous!


And here’s another one.


Hopefully, with much support, this Lego set could be approved in its final stages once it reaches 10,000 supporters. If you are a fan of the game; a Lego lover like myself, then do yourself a favor and head to the Lego Idea’s page and support the project. I  can’t wait for it to be released.