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Lego Minifigure Series 13 – Unicorn Girl

The Unicorn Girl is one of those female minifigures that snuggles an animal costume outfit. And perhaps belongs to a fantasy land with rainbows and all of those magical entities. The Unicorn girl is not one of the first minifigures to wear in an animal suite, in fact she belongs to the many costume minifigures in the likes of the Chicken Suit Guy, Piggy guy, and Bumble girl just to name a few.



She is one of those minifigures that you just can’t resist to be part of your collection. First of all, she comes with a white outfit filled with pastel colors. Her adorable smile comes intertwined with freckles and a pink lipstick. The Unicorn head has a horn made out of rubber plastic with a mane. Not to mention that the horn is detachable. The same holds true for the Unicorn Tail piece that comes in the shade of purple as well as her gloves. Sadly though, she doesn’t have a back printing.



Surprisingly, if you look at the official pictures by the Lego group, you would be surprised that the mane and tail actually exists. I thought at first I am getting a plain old white minifigure with a Unicorn head, but in the end it was perfectly detailed.

Overall, the Unicorn girl is a great addition to your Animal Costume minifigures. Albeit, it will sit perfectly with the Lego Movie 70803: Cloud Cuckoo Palace.


Try looking for her Unicorn horn or head. It is a large headpiece and it is not that hard to miss. Although, the drill bit is small, you can feel that is rubbery and not that hard which is a good indication that you have find her.