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Lego Minifigure Series 13 – Snake Charmer

The Snake Charmer is an interesting character. Perhaps a cultural icon that you can quickly identify by the turban, flute and the outfit he wears. The Lego designers were keen in detail and they manage to replicate the look of the outfit of the real people it represent. The Snake Charmer is garbed in a traditional Indian outfit with a striking lemon green that greatly matches his turban and his white pants. You can find a necklace and a medallion like detail on his outfit and some folded pieces on his outfit. His headgear is the turban that packs a lot of details including the fold of the cloth that is tied together.


The Snake Charmer also comes with a long brown stick that acts as his flute to control the cobra. I was expecting that the brown flute was packed with details like some black markings to represent the holes of the flute.


The snake on the other hand is made of rubbery plastic which is uncanny since most LEGO animals are made out of pure ABS plastic. Which made it hard to attach him to any Lego stud due to the irregularities of the shape. Other than that, the cobra is detailed with some stripes from the front and back.


In a nutshell, the Snake Charmer packs a lot of details that overshadows its flaws. His turban and outfit is a keeper which makes him a welcome cultural icon into the world of Minifigures.


Finding the Snake Charmer is a breeze. You can start by finding his turban, pipe and the surest way is determining his snake.