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Lego Minifigure Series 13 – Paleontologist

The Paleontologist is one of those Minifigures that reminds me of Dinosaurs way back through time. And just in time for the Jurassic World sets that would fit nicely to your collection.  The Paleontologist are one of Lego’s rare female scientist that were bundled with the Research Institute set. The Paleontologist from Series 13 and Research Institute have a stark resemblance but she does work in the field compared to the latter working in a laboratory.


The Paleontologist is full of surprises as she wears a tan outfit that resembles much like an “Indiana Jones” theme. Complete with neat little features like a belt, a neck scarf and vest.  She wears a Pith helmet with her hair attached to it which is becoming a standard trend that goes with other female Minifigures.


Her accessories includes a fossil and a bone that gives her field work justice. I was hoping that she would have a magnifying glass and a bone, but the fossil is also an excellent piece.


With the new Jurassic World sets already in retail, the female Paleontologist would be a great addition to any Dinosaur loving fan.


Finding the Paleontologist’s accessories is a sure find way in getting her. You can feel the bone piece or the round fossil which is pretty tiny but not that hard to miss. You can also try to feel for her hat but there are also minifigures in Series 13 that has the same shape as her.