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Lego Minifigure Series 13 – Lady Cyclops

Lego has created lots of fantasy minifigures in the past and I am not surprise if I find something odd or interesting that they may have in their sleeves. The Lady Cyclops is their new addition to their Series 13 batch. First of all, I was thinking of one-eyed Cyclops as huge towering beasts that wields a huge club. But then again, we are talking about minifigures and this Lady Cyclops is just an exception.


Aside from the one-eyed look we’ve got. The Lady Cyclops comes in a neat two face expression – a normal looking one with eyes wide open and a happy grin while the other comes with a long eyelash and toothy smile.


No matter what facial expression you are going to use, once you covered her head, it will always be as if she has this “Meh” kind of look. She also comes with a prehistoric print on her torso that covers her front and back. The head piece is detailed with a horn sticking out on the front. She also comes with a club which reminds me back of the old the Flintstones cartoon in the past.


The Lady Cyclops is easy to find and you can easily search through by finding her bulky club or headpiece.