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Lego Minifigure Series 13 – Goblin

The mischievous Goblin of Series 13 reminds me of those green loot-hungry Goblins of Clash of Clan. The resemblance is almost the same aside from the height of the Minifigure. I thought they would be using the mini-legs found on most Lego Lord of the Rings since I was expecting Goblins to be shorter than the usual.


Anyways, the Goblin has a fused headpiece together with his patched-up hat. His pointy ears are attached to the hat and removing them reveals an earless Goblin. The hat stays together in his head, and I feel that the ears are the things that add to the detail of this Minifig. The Goblin comes with a worn-out tunic and shorts with some interesting details that you can find like patches and a rope that acts like a belt. Sadly, the Goblin fell short for being an aesthetically good Minifigure when it comes to printing as it doesn’t have a back cover.


His accessories include a large scimitar and a loot bag with a different shade of color. But this is the same as the Santa sack but it comes with a brown flavor.


Overall, I found the Goblin to be a well-designed piece with lots of details that you can find in his torso and legs. In which it will go well together with your Castle, Lord of the Rings or Fantasy sets that you have.


The Goblin is easy to find. Just look for his large scimitar or loot bag. His blade is quite large and you can easily differentiate it from other Minifig in the series. You can also go for his pointy hat, just make sure to feel for those ears.