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Lego Minifigure Series 13 – Galaxy Trooper

The first thing that reminds me when holding the Galaxy Trooper is that the minifigure is a bad-ass Terran Marine from Starcraft. The looks are great, he comes with a bulky set of armors and wields dual pistols.


The Galaxy Trooper has a bulky space armor that also functions as a holster for his two pistols at the back. In which, it can be useful if you are planning on suiting him up with your own version of a jetpack or some unique armaments that you had in mind.


The shoulder pads are sharp and gives him that battle ready look.  The helmet is also chunky, and together with his set of armor greatly matches these two pieces nicely. The nice grey color scheme with a dash of metallic stripes gives the armor that sleek finish. You can find some designs in his armor with an insignia of his unit as well as a metallic grey stripe running across the center.


I’m surprised that the minifigure has a dual face printing, which reveals that “I don’t give a damn” look and the battle mode look complete with a dashboard with targeting reticules.


If you plan on creating the classical Alien vs Humans MOC, then amassing lots of Galaxy Trooper is a great way to start. If only, he has a rifle, then it would totally be an awesome minifigure.


The Galaxy Trooper is not that hard to find. You can start by finding his two pistols. Although, feeling for his bulky armor is another thing, just be sure to feel for the back holster you might be mistaken his armor with the Female Samurai.