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Lego Minifigure Series 13 – Evil Wizard

The Evil Wizard is the latest addition to the villains league of Minifigures. The malevolent wizard is packed with interesting design features.


First of all the Evil Wizard is draped with a red and black robes with a fiery design that makes it as evil as it can get. There are erupting flames all over the robes that neatly matches his overall design.  The robes come in two pieces of fabric which are attached to his body and head. The robes design makes the Minifigure pop-out and enhance the overall appearance.


His beard is a resemblance of the old sensei Ninjago Minfiigures aside from being black and taking it off reveals a scorn look with bloodshot eyes and a scar on his left-eye.  The outfit he wore comes with a skull belt that is barely visible and a tunic with skull markings that goes all the way down to his robe. The Evil Wizard comes equipped with a staff that shoots flames.


The way the Evil Wizard stands glorious with his stand and his robes make it a decent Minifigure that is good as a static display stand.



Searching for the Evil Wizard is not that hard to find as you need to look for the wedge dress piece that feels like a slope. Other than that, you can try fancy with the staff or the beared.