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Lego Minifigure Series 13 – Egyptian Warrior

The Egyptian warrior is one of those rare minifigures that you can start in creating your own historical army. The first thing that you should notice about the Egyptian Warrior is his outfit. His headdress, shield, sword and outfit fits the whole Egyptian army way back in the past. And if you happen to have some Lego Indiana Jones set, certainly the Egyptian Warrior will blend in nicely.


To start off, the Egyptian Warrior is covered in his own uniform complete with all the neat accessories that you could ever wanted for a soldier in an army. The Egyptian style robes have fine details like his blue collar necklace. The designers were kind enough to add some details  as they included a nice back printing of his robes. Not to mention his headdress that gives its unique touch with some blue stripes and gold head piece that keeps it all together.


Like I said, no army would be complete without a full set of gears, and Egyptian Warrior has one of the best equipment. He comes with a glorious gold shield with a new Khopesh blade. That looks like a a “blade sickle” if you ask me.


Overall the Egyptian Warrior is a spectacular piece of work, as if the figure itself is ready to stride with full battle gear. It comes great for army builders or for dioramas you intend to make in the future.


The shield of the Egyptian Warrior is probably the best telltale sign that you already got your piece. Try to feel for a triangular flat piece with handle at the back. You could also try looking for his Khopesh sword which has this nice curve that you can feel and touch.