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Lego Minifigure Series 13 – Carpenter

The Carpenter of Series 13 is not your ordinary common minifigure in the list. In fact, it is one of the well detailed characters of the bunch. If you happen to have a collection of City themed Lego models, the Carpenter will certainly fit in well with your modular, construction or City sets.


One thing that makes this Minifigure stand out from the crowd is the fine details that you can find on his torso. He comes in with a blue polo-shirt with a carpenter logo on the left side. You can also find some folded marks and hairy details on his chest. What really shines most is his legs with a really detailed utility belt complete with all the tools he’ll ever need.


Some of his accessories includes a safety helmet, a saw and a 1 x 4 plank. The handheld saw is absolutely amazing. It is perfectly built for the Carpenter, and the plank just fits in naturally making the accessories a great combination. Which reminds me of the plank that goes well if you are planning on creating a cabin house or an MOC that you want to add fine details.


The Carpenter is a sublime piece that comes with all the fine details that you could ever want in a Minifigure. With great detail to his torso, legs, and accessories, the Carpenter is not your ordinary “common” Minifigure.


Getting the Carpenter is easy and you can start by looking for the plank or the handheld saw.