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Lego Minifigure Series 13 – Alien Trooper

For this day, we take a look with an out of this world minifigure that is the Alien Trooper. This minifigure is one of those types that you usually get if you purchase Ultra Agents or any space-themed sets. The Alien Trooper is armed with a ray gun, with a transparent green dish that fits perfectly with his gun. His face reminds me of Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, with his tentacle face. However, his face is rubbery and he is not made out of the standard ABS plastic that you get used to with other Lego parts. He has large blue eyes with some green scales in his forehead for some added detail.



The Alien Trooper is garb in a blue space suite with a back printing. His suite is perfect with his head and the combination of a lime green, yellow and blue color makes the minifigure stand out. The tentacle head gave the Alien Trooper its signature look that makes it even more extra-terrestrial.


Overall the Alien Trooper is a great addition if you plan on having a vignette in space or a mix mash-up with other minifigure with a funny scene.


Locating the Alien Trooper is not that difficult to find. You can try locating his tentacle head that is easy to touch and feel considering it has that squishy feel. Another sure find way of finding him is locating his radar disk. I manage to find two troopers in a bag with their radar. Additionally, you can also try your look with the gun as the Galaxy Trooper has two shorter ones.