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Laravel Tricks – Simplify and Manage Routes Easily

Defining routes can be troublesome if you are managing lots of URL routes for your application and sometimes changing them individually can be tiresome. However, you can get away by this by using a simple technique. Placing routes as constants in a different helper file.

I usually have many routes in my route.php file and a single change may be troublesome, especially if you have view or a link that uses that route numerous times. Imagine yourself having to change that specific route on all pages would be troublesome.

A typical route in Laravel would look like this.

routes.php file.

From the code above, you can see that we are calling the route by its full name. So if you plan on changing “checkpoint” to another name, then you have to painstakingly change every route. Not to mention the views associated with that route.

So what I did was place all my routes on a helper file which I named RouteHelpers.php. and defined them as “constants” as shown in the code below.


Any changes that I made to the routes can easily be managed in the RouteHelpers.php file. Without having to manually changing each route name one-by-one.

To use the RouteHelpers file in your routes.php, simply import it and call it directly. Your code should look like this below.

If you happen to have a dashboard admin panel with lots of links, then you call a route easily the same as the routes.


There you have it. A simple and useful trick that you can use to simplify and manage your routes easily.