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Jurassic World Review – Training Velociraptos like Dogs with a stick

The first time I heard about an upcoming sequel with Jurassic Park way back in the early 2000 I was pumped as a kid by that time to get another installment. When I heard they are planning to release another sequel, the joys of childhood suddenly erupts, as a little kid in me begin to take a journey back in time once more.

Welcome to Jurassic World, a dinosaur theme-park that is set 22 years after the events of Jurassic Park on the island called Isla Nublar. Flashback to the represent day, Isla Nublar has once again open to the public, and billionaire John Hammond’s dream has come to fruition, as a new theme park has finally emerge in the island once again called Jurassic World.


Indominus Rex has loooongg arms!

Jurassic World still remains fruitful to its roots, with some elements of its predecessors still intact. The modern rendition of the park still holds true with awe-inspiring attractions but not limited to holograms, gyrospheres, and viewing decks. The park is complete with a boardwalk chock-full of shops and restaurants.  Not to mention a viewing gallery which is camouflage as a large tree with visitors being able to glimpse the T-Rex gorging-in for tasty easy meal.

The park is run by Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) who continuously monitors every nook and canny of the park and how it can bring more profits and investors. As you can see, Jurassic World’s attendance is spiking and revenue has been slowly diminishing with underpaid staff.  Despite the flaw, the park itself is a success, with huge crowds wowed by its attractions.


Indominus Rex causing havoc to the park, breaking in the aviary

To perk-up investors and boost sales, Jurassic World has gone from the traditional to the radical using technology so dangerous that they happen to create a highly advance type of dinosaur. Led by scientist Dr. Henry Wu, created a hybrid dinosaur to add to the park’s new attraction in a bid to gain traction with more investors and boost attendance. They manage to create the so called hybrid dinosaur and name it as the “Indominous Rex” and contained it to a cage. However, their creation was so advance it managed to trick park operators and manage to escape captivity causing a massive security breach all over the island.

And it is safe to assume that most disaster starts with a scientist creating their own “Frankenstein” in their lab and some guy accidentally goof-up and cause total chaos.


And were off to rescue the kids

To make matters worse, Claire’s two nephews happen to visit the park over the weekend, but sadly can’t attend to them due to her hectic schedule and entrust it to her assistant. However, her nephews manage to escape their guardian leaving them to explore the park on their own unguided.

With a hybrid Indominus Rex on the loose, Claire had to ask the sought after help of Chris Pratt who plays the park ranger Owen, reluctantly agrees to look for the two boys. You can think of Chris Pratt’s character more like of a Steve Irwin. Both having the passion when it comes to treating animals with respect even though it involves dealing with carnivorous dinosaurs all over the park stating that “they are animals” and “please don’t shoot my raptors”. He even trains Velociraptors like dogs, practicing them to chase pigs and giving them rewards for their self-control by tossing them a treat or two. Not to mention, Owen calls them by name.


Training Velociraptors to sit!

Almost any director can make Jurassic World happen, but I have to admit, Director Trevorrow manage to get that nostalgia feeling all over-again with his rendition of the hugely successful franchise.  He has manage to put that modern feeling of Jurassic World with great ideas. I have to admit, some of the parks rides and attractions has its own scientific bearings, and the way he has put Jurassic World to a modern day Ocean Park slash wildlife safari adventure has brought me goose bumps that made me realize what if they can make this thing real.

All throughout the film, the dinosaurs are animated beautifully with CGI, a far flung distant with animatronics that was used way back in the 90’s. The movements are seamless and you couldn’t even notice between CGI and the on-screen actors together in a setting. On a lighter note, Chris Pratt’s character and his interactions with Claire had their funny moments all throughout the film, which takes of the tense dinosaur rampaging action to a subtle tone.

But what really makes this film more than just your ordinary blockbuster is how Trevorrow wanted to bring a message to its viewers. Bringing symbolic meanings to a hybrid dinosaur as a consumer greed. With humanity’s lust for “more” and “better” brings the Indominus Rex more than just your rampaging beast. I can compare it much like Avatar’s hidden meaning of the movie about how Mother Nature strikes back with humanity’s careless action to its environment.

Final Thoughts

Jurassic World is a movie that pairs together with a large popcorn. It certainly delivers the legacy of its predecessors keeping it entertaining and adding a metaphorical meaning with human greed and consumerism that we sadly fail to realize in our modern day setting.

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