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It’s Just Another Monster Monday

The dreaded Mondays. Who hates them? We’ll certainly I am one of them. But seriously, Mondays are good; it is the start of the first working day of the week. While some detest the day others take it as a fresh new start of something.

As the song goes “it’s just another manic Monday”.

I take it as a monster Monday – a challenge, a boss fight to take out before Friday ends. and sometimes, boss fights can be hard to take down.


Just 5 more minutes

Everyone has their own bosses to take down. It is only a matter of perspective on how you should embrace it. You can either take it by brute force through the horns. Or you can go stealthily and avoid unnecessary distractions and focus on your target. Either way, you have your own set of problem solving skills on handling monster Monday’s. It all boils down to strategy and on how you can overcome it.

So how are you going to spend the whole week?