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How Google Keep is similar to Witcher 3’s Quest Log

I’m always fascinated on how gamefication really works. And up to this day I still struggle to keep the most simple tasks up to to schedule. Being fascinated with how gamefication works, I always imagine myself to convert those borjng and monotous task ask as an imaginary game.

Being a huge Witcher 3 fan, I’ve always wanted to transform my ordinary tasks into something different. Why not changing it dynamically into quests? I primarily use Google Keep to keep track on my daily tasks. And the reason why I use it because it is simple, compact and downright one of the easiest to use and customize. It also reminds me of the Witcher 3’s quest board that you can find in towns and cities.

The ever familiar bulletin board in the Witcher 3

Remarkably enough, Google Keep is damn so handy that I usually write down my notes there over Evernote. The reason of which is fast enough to load.

So here’s what I do. I keep daily tasks in orange color and pin-it on top. I create tasks in brackets to add some styling in it and label it with “To Do” followed by the day. If you have been an online gamer you’ve probably have stumbled upon daily quests or grinds that you need to create accomplish every day that grant you rewards with gold.

My daily tasks is no different to what I have said. These tasks are required to be finished by the end if the day. So it probably look like this.

To make it even more detailed, I color coded tasks. Usually, I reserved the color red for urgent tasks while the color blue for entertainment tasks. The way the colors are presented are a great k

The modern approach on taking quest – Google Keep

The next one is the weekly tasks. These are tasks that are required to be accomplished in a week. Tasks that are not east to pull out in a single day but rather needs to be accomplished in a week. These are tasks that branch out and or requires something that needs to be accomplished from the daily quests before it can be completed.

Lastly, the third group is the Monthly tasks. These are the tasks that I usually need to complete within a month. Some of which are side projects that I need to accomplish that requires daily and weekly tasks to be accomplished. Quite similar to the Red Baron quest with the Witcher 3 that lasts so long with branching story arcs.  Albeit t


Although I don’t limit myself to Google Keep. But I also use other tools of the trade and some of which are Todoist for specific tasks, Evernote for notes and Trello to expand large modules when it comes to programming. There are tons of applications out there in the wild and waiting to be discovered. But it is still up to you which application suites you fancy.

So how do you go with your tasks?