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Go Western Style with the Bad Ass Sheriff

The Sheriff is perhaps part of those minifigures that are well designed and well-thought-of by the Lego group designers. First off all, standing on its own stand, you can easily asses that it has gone through a lot of bandits or been in a shootout in old fashion Wild Western style.


The details on the minifigure is absolutely astounding and the color schemes pretty much sums up what the Wild West look in the past. The minifigure comes with different pieces of accessories that includes a nifty revolver, wanted poster and the iconic Sheriffs hat. I really love the way how the designers added the details on the piece. For the legs, he comes with a brown pants with a pistol holster on the sides. He wears a shirt and a vest and a Sheriffs badge to complete the body.


The wanted poster comes in the form of a 2 x 2 tile and will come handy if you have any Western MOCs that you can add for that extra much detail. For the back printing, sadly the Sheriff doesn’t have anything special to offer. Aside from his pointy mustache and hat, he seems a decent minifigure. The hat does remind me of Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead series, we’ll that’s another story.


When I skim through the plastic bags, he was easy to find. All you need is to look for his hat, or the flat 2 x 2 tile which can easily be searched for.