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Get Ready for Titanfall: My thoughts on a robot wielding warmachine

So I finally got the chance to play Titanfall on Origins. The feeling of calling your Titan from the high-heavens is oddly satisfying as it breaks through the atmosphere and dropping down with such grace and flare.


Its Showtime!!!

No words are sweeter every time I hear the words “Your titan is now ready” from an AI robot or human ally on top of my hud (Heads-up display) giving out notifications.  As I take a glimpse from the sky, my Titan hurls down a fiery ball of flame and smashes anything down below. It then readies itself opening its hatch, and provides a perimeter shield cover for me to come down and pilot itself.



As I ready to pilot the Titan I am treated with an X0-16 Chaingun as my primary weapon, a vortex shied and a rocket salvo.  Piloting the Titan is more like having an extension of yourself. Not because you are a huge behemoth that can freely run around the battlefield, but the mere fact that that those grunts can easily be shot-down to a crisp.

What’s even more exciting is a heads-on battle with other Pilots and their Titans. With a few exception of rodeo-riding Pilots who try to cripple my Titan by riding at my back and destroying the Titan’s systems.


Titan vs. Titan

Being a Pilot on foot has its own perks too. As I can freely move around the battlefield and play hide and seek with the enemies Titan as I whip out my Anti-Titan launcher and shoot from a discrete location. Only to find out, that it does hint the Titan’s enemy where an enemy pilot is aiming down their sights.


Smokescreen Fightfest

And as a Pilot I do have a lot of room to run, jump and wall run with the trusty jetpack in hand.The only thing I can say about is that the Campaign is horrendous. The storyline is shallow and I can narrowly digest the content of the entire campaign.

I think that 60 GB worth of download was worth it that includes DLC maps expansions that comes bundled with it. So if you haven’t tried it yet, you can get your 48 hours free gameplay once you created your Origin account.