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Far Cry 4 Has a Secret that Involves Yeti’s and Easter Egg Endings

So, Ubisoft just teased their upcoming Far Cry 4 DLC and I happen to notice in the last part a furry Yeti. We’ll this could be a great addition to the game. I’m still halfway though but spent my time exploring much of Kryat’s hidden secrets.

And after much exploring, and the occasional reading through gaming news sites and stuff. Lo and behold, I just discovered that Far Cry 4 has a secret ending and it is so secret that you have to read between the lines and also have super fast reflexes to be able to find it.

Actually, there are four endings and I was surprised to know the first one can easily be achieved in under 15 minutes. Phew! Having played Far Cry 2 and 3, I remember it to have 2 alternate endings. But the latest installment caught me by surprise. Take that Hideo Kojima, with your Easter Eggs. It seems that Ubisoft’s creative director Alex Hutchinson has a few tricks of it sleeves and it pretty hit the spot when it comes to an engaging storytelling.