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Fallout Shelter Lets you be an Overseer

Finally, Fallout Shelter has arrived for Android. Yes, I know I could already play it last June on the iOS, but being an Android fan boy I just have to resist the temptation and wait patiently on the platform of my choice.

As soon as I installed the game, I was greeted to a familiar sight with the same retro feel, as if I was already playing the actual Fallout 4 on a mobile device.


Electricity,Food and Water the three main resources to keep your dwellers happy


Fallout Shelter lets you become an overseer who manages an underground bunker. As an overseer, it is your job to keep your dwellers happy and that is by keeping an ample supply of water, food and electricity. Once you have enough dwellers, you can then access to a wide variety of new rooms to build such as a gym, medical bay and an armory to train your dwellers SPECIAL traits, house weapons and outfits or create new items. You can also upgrade the said rooms to make your dwellers production faster.


Vault 101 in the early days

To keep the Fallout spirit alive, you can send dwellers outside the vault to explore and loot for new items and treasures. There are some instances where raids happens in your vault with raiders constantly harassing, rad roaches or the dreaded deathclaw that occasionally spawn at random time and event.


The occational raider attacks

Definitely Fallout Shelter is not the same as Clash of Clans where you need to have an internet connection to start playing but rather you can play it offline, as long as you want.

I am currently on my 2nd day of playing, and I just have to admit, I am already addicted to it.