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End Disagreements with the Fencer

“I know exactly how to end this disagreement!”

The fencer is a great sports character addition to your collection. At first glance, the minifigure is a simple build with no fancy accessories that comes by it except for his foil. But I have to admit, even though it doesn’t have a stand-out design that catches your eye, its metallic mesh mask is striking enough and brings the Fencer to life.


The torso is designed with a white protective clothing, with some fold details and a two Foil making a cross as a logo found the right chest. Behind the Fencer’s mask lies a face with one eyebrow lifting as if it was questioning or taunting someone. Who knows?


The Fencer is quite a character and doesn’t show on normal sets, considering it is one of those sports characters. The Lego group really captures the Fencer in this minifigure and the way they have designed it is pretty interesting yet simple.


Looking for the Fencer maybe tiresome. He is after all a rare minifigure. The easiest way to get the fencer is to feel for its headpiece. But try not to be confused with the Galaxy Trooper. However, the easiest was to look for its Foil.