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Disco Diva is Here to Retro Rock your Collection

So finally, here’s my take on the new Series 13 Lego Disco Diva. Fresh out from the pack, it features a purple top, a pair of roller skates and a microphone. The Disco Diva is a groovy addition to any collector as it brings back one unique hairstyle the “Afro”  that you can change and swap to any of your minifigure to give that 1960’s feel and look.


The Disco Diva has some unique detail that you can see from her purple top. It comes with some neat looking retro pop-art design. And you can actually see it glisten when you hold it near a light source. The head is neatly design with pimp accessory shades that resembles stars and the legs  have rounded belts that extend all the way down.


It contains 8 pieces, that includes the signature Afro hairstyle, two roller skates, a microphone, the minfigure and the stand.


If you are looking for a great collection to your minifigure collection, the Disco Diva is a plus, most especially if you are looking for an Afro hair piece.