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Classical King is a Fancy, Intricate and Magnificent Piece

One of the best pieces in the Series 13 set is the Classical King.  What made this an attractive piece can be attributed by the color and the cape. Although, the Lego group already have released numerous King minifigures in the past, but the Classical King is a superb piece with a new cape, beard, headgear, and a golden sword.


Long live the King!

The first thing that attracted me to the King is the color combination of his outfit paired with his cape. In fact, it came with two fabrics, one with red and the other with a black and white collar piece of outfit. That complements the printing on his torso and legs as well as giving it the unique advantage over other King Minifigures in the past.

Intricately designed

Perhaps, the spotted black and white collar robe was the centerpiece that adds to the correct color combination as well as the accessories it comes along with it. Which reminds me of those white fur coat that you normally find people wearing during the winter season. Another piece that i find interesting is his beard. Very detailed, and can be used in a wide variety of Minifigures that you can snap it into to give that bearded look and feel.

Standing strong and proud

Overall, I can say that the designers have done great in redesigning the so called “Classical” King. By adding a refreshing design that is not that complicated but makes itself an eye catcher. Feeling for the King was quite difficult. But I had to feel for the sword and his beard. However, his headgear and beard can be tough as it can easily be interchanged with one another.

If you are a true Lego Castle fan before, then certainly the Classical King is a great addition to your Knights in shining armor.