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Cities: Skylines a Well Executed City Builder Risen from the Shadow

Who couldn’t forget last year’s Sim City. We’ll many were expecting it to be the next big thing when it comes to city simulation. However, it broke many gamer’s heart and that includes mine as it was riddled with some major bugs,  server overloading, and a lot more with no patch to fix the issue.

Here enter’s Cities: Skylines, a new city simulation game that promises to mend gamer’s heart of the disappointing Sim City game by bringing an all new improve game with tons of neat little features that supports mods from the community.

I have to admit, I was hooked in playing with the game, and definitely it gave me sleepless nights. The first thing I notice when I started my humble city, was the interface. It is exactly the same as Sim City. The management panel, budget, loans, creation tools, bulldozer etc. With a few minor adjustments and enhancements made by the developers themselves. I could safely assume that is a carbon copy of the Sim City game. However, they did added some distinct features that made many gamer’s including myself happy with the end results.

Metropolis City

Metropolis City

Instead of a tiny map that you can get from Sim City, you are able to unlock up to twenty-five square tiles. And the best part is, in each tile, you are not limited to a single city, but you can extend the boundary of your city to another tile. That means, you can have a huge metropolis city that expands up to 6 tiles or have small towns or cities in each tile.

The second thing I like about the game is the fact they support mods. And that the game is freely open to developers who want to tinker their game. Many mods have already sprung out bringing new features to the table. Some of these mods include new skins, incorporating new buildings like having a Gundam statute, McDonalds restaurants or even have their own crazy buildings that you can easily import using the game’s user-friendly mod management tool. I think this is the greatest feature that they could have ever added to the game.


GTA V Map Mod

Other features include painting districts. What makes this unique is the fact you can actually paint parts of your town. You can have special rules for that town. Like having a truck ban, increase land value of that place or even set special industry production. Somewhat absent in Sim City. These are just some of the features that really makes the game interesting. And not to mention some new additions like laying out pipes and electric grid lines for your entire city.

Bustling Metropolis

Bustling Metropolis

I have played it for a couple of hours, and it is frustrating at first having to figure out what is the best location or setting of your residential, commercial and industrial zones. After all, you are the mayor and seeing your citizens having a hard time can cause you in deep trouble.

Having a community supported driven game will make Cities: Skylines always fresh with new updates.  It is a PC game after all, and games played on the PC are meant to be modded by the community.Props to Colossal Order for listening to gamer’s demand. They manage to glue back together a broken Sim City game borrowing most of its mechanics and incorporating a better city management game that gamers will surely enjoy.