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Behold the Oculus Rift! Turns Men into a Screaming Machine

While I was frantically getting some important documents in the mall. I happen to visit my old favorite arcade shop on the lower-ground floor.  Upon entering, I could still reminisce my old elementary days where I would play an endless amount of Metal Slug and Point Blank. It brings back the memories, as I walk through at the living hallways full of static neon lights an arcade machines. The feeling was nostalgia, considering it was more than a decade ago.

I could still remember playing a game or two of Metal Slug, or blitz through a time pressured shooting game with Point Blank. Sadly though, those games are quietly tucked-in a dusty old room with other arcade machine classics. That was my childhood or shall I say part of it.

But what interest me the most is when I entered the old familiar hallway, I notice a large crowd gathering with their screams. And to my surprise, it was an Oculus Rift demo. I haven’t seen a real one only in gaming news sites.


Yes cardboard cut-outs are scary

The reason why they are screaming as well as happily seeing their friend getting the time of their lives, is the fact that the demo they are playing is a horror game called Kuna. Aside from the two monitors and Oculus Rift, I was greeted with a tall looking figure that is somewhat a spooky witch carrying a blood covered baby in her arms that is all beautifully rendered in a sheet of cardboard.

The Oculus Rift was paired with a noise cancelling Razer headphones that certainly brings the horror a step further in giving the full A-Class scare experience.


Safety Reminders for the faint of heart


The best part was, it was free to try. But sadly, I didn’t have the time to take the demo, not because I was scared (part of me does, when that crazy old witch jumps in front of you from a corner and you scream like a little baby and everyone in the whole arcade room is taking out their phones and taking a video of you during that experience) but time was not my best friend during that time.


The Oculus Rift turning horror games into nightmares


Anyways, this dude is playing the game, and by the time I knew it, he just went ballistic when he managed to see that creepy old witch jump scared the soul out of him. And yes, the crowd giggled.

I am hoping that it will be available mainstream minus the $300 – $899 price tag. I can’t wait to play it on any game at Ultra-High settings with Silent Hill or Call of Duty.