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Batman vs. Superman Review – Why This Movie Stays True to its Roots

Is it a bird is it a plane? No it’s a Reaper hailing down destruction over Manhattan.

That was the first thing that came into my mind after watching 5 minutes of the introduction of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. I had my doubts, and was forced to ask myself does this movie really suck?

The critics are wrong; they are dead wrong.

The sequel to what everyone was talking about with the Man of Steel is a glorious marriage of two of DC comic’s most iconic super heroes of all time – Batman and Superman.

Epic Start

The story starts with Superman rampaging all over Metropolis keeping General Zod and his army at bay. Which sort of reminds me of the Reaper from Mass Effect. (Damn I miss that game so much). The destruction and carnage to what Superman has brought over to the city has fueled Bruce Wayne’s grudge over the Man of Steel’s “reckless” destruction all over the city.


When the film was announced I had my uncertainties whether or not Ben Affleck was fitted for the role. But the opening fighting with him chasing down his friend Jack from an impending doom nailed a remarkable role that fit him as the Batman.

Another thing that I always heard is the fact that the movie is way too dark. There isn’t that much humor or comic relief during parts of the whole film. And others say it is way serious in tone. Batman vs. Superman launches its way with a dark tone and religious metaphor battle between good and evil; heaven and hell.

Superman is still the Man of Steel and his cycle of saving people and especially Lois Lane doesn’t seem to end there. Her damsel in distress is a bit of cliché and no wonder Batman is tired of Superman’s destruction just to save her girl.


But the true story lies within the battle between Superman and Batman. Although it only lasted for a couple of minutes; the real hero was after all Batman proving that a mere human could make a god bleed. The battle was cut short with Batman realizing that Superman has the same name with her mother. And that was it! All of the Dark Knight’s hatred of Superman went away and they became best buddies. That gave him the realization that not everything that Superman touches turns into ashes.

On Lex Luthor and Alfred Pennyworth

One remarkable character that set apart from Batman and Superman was none other than Lex Luthor. If Ben Affleck did a great job with Batman, I have to give credits to Jesse Eisenberg for giving it the best interpretation of Lex Luthor. He does reflect a young Mark Zuckerberg with all of his ideas bursting in and out; a hyper energetic billionaire who just hates Superman.

Then we have Alfred; He is not your ordinary butler but now a tech guru who seems to be the “eyes” and “ears” of Batman providing support in all of his midnight crusade. He does resemble like Tony Stark.


I always thought that the pinnacle of the fight was between Batman and Superman but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Combining The Dark Knight Returns and The Death of Superman in one movie is simply remarkable. The transition from their fight that lasted only for a couple of minutes; then shifting to battling out Doomsday was seamless. They were faithful to the comics and I don’t see the reason why this movie got a bad review. Was it because it was too dark? Batman vs. Superman remained true to its roots and definitely they are dead wrong about giving it a bad name.