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Back to the Future Brings Back my Childhood

Great Scott! I couldn’t have said better right? We’ll this is the day were I am flooded with news feed for Back to the Future that let me reminiscence how awesome that movie was 25 years ago. I wasn’t even born yet at that time.

Who wouldn’t be amaze of time travel on a sleek DeLorean with gull-wing doors?  The doors alone makes it cool and it was the first thing that attracted me to that car. Another thing worth mentioning, it was hard for me to understand the movie at that time considering I was still on diapers or time travelling paradox are just too complicated to understand for a kid 5 years my age.  Metal Gear’s time paradox was easy to understand (yes after 5 playback times you’ll understand).

I could still remember experimenting in my own way of recreating the DeLorean using my own Lego bricks. Then I would get a bottle of rubbing alcohol and lay a path of car tracks or sometimes make a contraption that every time my Lego car would move alcohol would drip as it moves. And light them-up using a matchstick making it like my robust DeLorean has reached its 88MPH.


Reference pic, I used alcohol and fire 🙂

Another nifty trick I did was recreating the “lighting run” with my Delorean Lego. I would create a piece of rod, glue some tissue paper on the tip and attach it on the back of the car. After which, I would place a string on the other part of my Lego City. After everything is set-up, I would light the DeLorean Lego’s rod and let it hit the string on the other part of town to make the lightning scene complete. And hoping I don’t get burn in the process.  Yes, I was playing fire at that time but I did have some precautionary measures with a bucket of water right next beside me.

The childhood memories and it still gives me the nostalgia on the pointless things I did for fun and science. It taught me that Lego’s are great at exceptionally anything most especially satisfying your thirst for imagination. Second, Back to the Future Movie was cool and it taught me how time-travelling requires a whole lot of movie reviewing to get the gist of the movie, and third Back to the Future’s time travelling prediction of how 2015 is as funny and true at the same time.

Fast forward today, and Back to the Future is still a pop-culture icon that inspired time-travel, paradox, and predicting tomorrow’s gadget. The movie did quite a mark in hitting some of the accurate things like communicating through plasma TV’s, holograms and flying drones just to name a few. They still haven’t figure out to make the hoverboard float but with the exception of using magnets all the time.

Back to the Future is just one of those movies that reminds me of my childhood way back during the early 90’s. Back to where everything was simple and yet hard to understand at some point. And yes Time travel couldn’t be complicated.

I wouldn’t be surprise if Back to the Future will have a reboot but then again some classics are just meant not to be untouched.

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