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All Hail Procrastination; The Mother of All Things Good or Bad

Last night I was in the verge of nirvana, a state where all the caffeine kicks in and all you can do is set your keyboards on fire.

I was supposed to be splicing this PSD file and forming it as part of my web application.

(More on this on the succeeding post. This app is wonderful; I got this idea for being a super ultra lazy bum. And hey why not make an app that will help you realize you are wasting time and get your precious time back – RPG style! )


My fingers happen to be wandering around ready to do some coding –only to find this lying around in one of my drives.


Lots of unfinished games..

I haven’t played Company of Heroes 2 for a while, and a “quick” skirmish would seem just fine. What could possibly go wrong having a good game of RTS for the night right?


And so it begins. In the harsh brutal Russian winter my Pioneers then set forth to the outskirts of Leningrad.


Oh wait! I was dead wrong. I never thought a freaking skirmish could last over an hour.

Company of Heroes 2

After 3 hours and half, the dust settles-in and I finally pushed back the Russians; beaten the map Leningrad Approach; and ended-up sleeping late last night. That was a night to remember. Sometimes procrastination can be darn too good to miss-out a battle like that.

The decision of choosing between finishing your app and winning a battle can be a daunting task. But sometimes there are just things that are worth the “distraction” to keep you focus.