About Me

All About Sushi Code

My name is Paolo Nikko Nuñal and I am a software developer by profession. I have created this site solely as my personal notebook for my hobbies that includes collecting miniature toys, card and board games, programming, gaming, books, and some epic nerdy stuff and technology that I might find interesting. Writing is a great way to share things, and by writing I can keep this online journal as my personal reference.

So you might be asking where I come up with the name Sushi Code? We’ll, being a programmer I love to write code. My inspiration came from eating a Sushi in a Japanese restaurant. I love the way how it is neatly crafted with different recipes, ingredients and yet, manages to make the whole dish as delectable and artistic as it is. The different types of Sushi refers to the wide array of interesting things that I could share.

If you happen to share the same passion as I do and that is what I mentioned above, then welcome aboard! Or if you need some tutorial about web development or just talk about anything you can contact me through this email address paolo.nunal24@gmail.com.

And hey, if you have time, you can check out my other site Fromart Studios. It is an awesome site if you want to have cool looking logo’s for your website (the same as mine) or just want to have an epic layout of a picture of you riding a Unicorn. I promise you won’t regret the services it has to offer.