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Developer Story – Quest Beginnings

After almost two years of its inception, I finally green-lighted my own personal project. Although this is not something new but I think I can safely say this could probably my ambitious side project, or perhaps the only side project that I have started.

I have code name my new project as “Quest” and all I can say it is your ordinary “To do” list but with a conceptual twist.

Gamificiation was my inspiration in creating this web application. I admit, I am a procrastinator and I do procrastinate every once in a while. But what If I try to gamify tasks—will that make a difference? The answer is Yes.

I always have this long To Do list using Google Keep. And it seems that my procrastination buddy starts to kick-in when I try to create or do things. And not to mention the inevitable gaming tormentor that appears right at my side to do the so called “tormenting” in me into playing a game or so.

Accomplishing day-to-day tasks is boring. In which some tasks are repetitive. Some might be hard to accomplish, and others would be a walk in the park. But in the end, you still need to finish them in the near future or so.


The Witcher 3’s lore has got me caught-up, especially their quest system. Each of their quests is a unique system, and the Bloody Baron quest is perhaps the longest and yet one of the best experience I had in an RPG game. There are so many things to do with amazing stuff happening around as you progress. I have asked myself countless times, why do I get this jolt of energy every time I play a game that I like. But when it comes to doing real-life tasks I get bored or distracted? The answer is simple, I get distracted and the tasks itself is not interesting to do.

If you ask me, there are a lot of distractions in my life that sometimes I tend to put tasks on a hiatus.

So I got this idea of mixing two things in life. (1) The thing I love most which is immersing myself in the world of video games and (2) Getting things done in real life. An in an instant it struck me, why not create a To Do List application with a twist of gaming goodness in it? You might be saying right now, that it has already been done. There are a bunch of applications that does the same thing by employing RPG elements and stuff.

Although my app is not really that new in which there are a ton of Android applications which have already employed this sort of genre. But for the life of me, I’ll try something different. And by different I mean, I’ll take queue from the Witcher 3’s dynamic storyline dialogue. As well as the diversity of its characters, monsters and lore.

Another thing why I want to develop this web application is the fact that I’ll be able to brush my database design, game development, web application and most importantly my English skills.

In a nutshell, Quest would be a To Do List application; keeping it real while not making tasks boring.

Until then, I’ll be keeping this developer story up to date with my progress.